Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Changing Seasons

Rejoice with me, for the grand sorting and switching and trying on and packing away of clothing in preparation for the warmer weather is DONE.  Thank goodness.  Except for hauling seven rubbermaid tubs (ALL the tubs needed sorted, since I hadn't thoroughly since Levi was born) back up the stairs and stowing them away in storage, that is, and I can't do that until tomorrow since it would wake up all the sleeping children!  Oh, and I still have to check to see if I have any summer sandals in the box of kid's shoes in storage, but THAT sounds manageable.  That sounds like a breeze comparatively.

Miriam has been in heaven - she loves switching outfits four times a day, so having an entire box of summer clothing to try on made her SO happy.  Between having her loving all the bright summer dresses, and sorting through all the adorable little rompers for Levi, I'm getting excited for summer!  Although... it is rather rainy out this week.  It looks more like rubber boot and umbrella weather.  I'm ignoring that for the moment, though!

( Note to self: you will think that sorting out and switching out the clothes is the task of a day, but it is NOT. It is the task of a week, with helpful small children asking questions and trying things on (or declining to try things on when needful), and needing bottoms wiped and breakfast/lunch/dinner made.  Next time, prepare your mind accordingly, and pick up a few frozen pizzas and new DVDs from the library.  Trust me on this! )


Monday, March 19, 2012

Avett Brothers Concert

So, the Avett Brothers came to town.  My sweet husband ordered tickets at the soonest possible moment and looked forward to it like it was Christmas morning.  Or better.

We dropped off the big kids with Grandma and Grandpa and headed into town.  Dates for us always involve a LOT of driving - usually at least 2 hours - which is kind of nice in a way because it's good talk time, but kind of not nice when it's late and you're ready to be home and you still need to pick up kids and take them home.  But we were super blessed because one of their aunts brought them home and put them to bed for us, since we weren't going to make it back until at least midnight, with a 8pm show, so that did make things a lot easier!

We planned on having dinner at a little pub that specializes in local foods, since we had a gift certificate, but sadly they had too long of a wait for that to work out.  So we walked around the corner and found a fun little Asian restaurant.  Levi chowed down on the stir fried broccoli off my plate, and I really enjoyed my sweet and sour chicken - very good!  I love Asian food and it's not something I'm good at recreating at home, sadly...we also enjoy Mexican food, but I've had better luck at making that at home.

Anyway, after we ate we headed over to the show, where the doors had just opened.  We ran into a friend and chatted for a while before heading inside and finding our seats.  Levi was just along for the ride in the ring sling, and very much enjoying all the new things to look at.  He is usually a pretty regular baby as far as sleep time, so I was unsure how he'd do at a super loud concert at bedtime. As it turned out, with the aid of a pair of junior earmuffs, he did GREAT.  He had a little trouble going to sleep in the seats, since he was watching the lights and enjoying them, but I knew he had to be exhausted so I took him out and fed him and he was out like a light snuggled up to me in the ring sling.  And he stayed asleep... even through the super loud songs, even through the teenagers behind us screaming for an encore, even through ME singing along and whooping.  I was so thrilled!  The reviews had me hoping that these would be the ticket to protecting his ears and keeping him happy and able to sleep, and they certainly delivered. :)

Plus now that we have them, I am sure we'll be using them again.  Maybe for taking in a movie?  Or another concert?  Or for fireworks that might scare a small one?

(Note: I am truly this weirdly enthusiastic about these.  This is not a paid review, nor was I given these by the company.  No, as strange as it may seem, especially to those of you who are not yet parents, I genuinely just am tickled pink to own a pair of baby ear muffs.  True story.  Although, yes, that is an affiliate link.  But beyond that, I am not profiting by extolling the virtues of these things.  They're just that awesome.)

Shelving the topic of the ear muffs, it was a truly fantastic show.  The Avett Brothers gave it their all and really put on a wonderful performance.  They are one of our favorites, and we frequently listen to their music, so I loved recognizing their songs and enjoying the extra dimension that a live performance gives. It was absolutely great being able to see them live and hear them do our favorites.  They even came out and did a very generous encore, even though they must have been absolutely exhausted from doing such a high energy show already.

On a funny note, the crowd was a really interesting mix.  Hipsters, college students, teens, older folks, parents with kids (we were definitely not the only people with a child there, although I think Levi may have been the youngest!) - it was a fun and varied crowd.  Although I'm not sure when I've seen more plaid shirts and Tom's shoes in one place before! ;)

We hit the drive through for some coffee on the way home, and finally fell into bed at 1.30am.  Unfortunately, this all happened to be the weekend of the time change. Hahahahaha. So we lost an hour the next morning.  All I can say is the next day involved a whole lotta coffee.

But it was worth it!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring is here!

The daffodils are blooming, the grass is green, the wind is blowing, and spring has sprung!

We've been celebrating with lots and lots of time outside, and by breaking out the chalk and bubbles.  And we even hung the hammock today!

Now if I can find the missing pieces to the popscicle molds, we'll be set for warm weather. ;)

I got a haircut!  Sideswept bangs.  My stylist was super sweet, and asked me a million questions about what I usually do and what I wanted.  I showed her my pinterest board of what I wanted, and she gave me a great cut.  I was kind of nervous, since I haven't had a pro cut for a while and was worried that I would end up with something I didn't like, but thankfully that was not the case, and now I feel confident going back to her! :)

It was also a crazy day, because due to being up all night after a tornado warning a few days before, I totally thought it was a day earlier in the week than it was.  I felt SO silly when my sweet sister-in-law walked in the door (she went into town with me and sat with the kids while I had my hair cut) and I realized I had to leave in fifteen minutes!  Thankfully with her help we got everybody packed up and presentable and out the door in time. :)

Nathan has been enjoying a lot of new books from the library... I found a list somewhere of fun kids books and put a bunch on hold so they've been coming in gradually.  Paddington in the Garden, Frog and Toad Together, Where the Wild Things Are...and not from the library, but a fun new story for them nonetheless, we sat down one day and read nearly the whole first book of the Boxcar Children series.  That was especially fun since I have fond memories of reading those myself! I was a little surprised at how enthusiastic they were about a chapter book....I'll have to start reading more of those to them!

What fun read aloud books are your favorites? :)