Tuesday, October 11, 2011


ource: via Natalie on Pinterest

Can you keep a secret, fall?

Don't tell the other seasons, but you're my favorite.

It isn't just the colors, rosy leaves and orange tinged branches.

Not just the nip in the air that invigorates me through and through and makes me want to race across the yard and leap into a pile of leaves.

Fall is the magic of pumpkins and candy corn, of cozy hoodies and leggings and boots, the spell of rain on the windows and Lady Grey with cream and sugar in my mug.  Vanilla candles and baking muffins and steaming pots full of soup.

Autumn is wanderlust and homecoming, homesickness and rootedness, jazz and jolly melancholy.

Fall is for guitars and saxaphones.  Fall is for chili and cornbread. Fall is for bricks and boots and books.

What's your favorite thing about fall? :)

(ALSO! Corn in chili... yay or nay?)