Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ruby Jubilee

Ruby Jubilee was born via c-section at the end of May! After a week long NICU stay, we happily came home and have been making up for lost snuggles ever since.

She was a roly-poly 9lbs at birth, and has gained very well! After three long days of IV nutrition, she was able to start colostrum in bottles, then nursing. Thankfully after a few days and some tips from the awesome lactation consultant, she figured out nursing and we haven't had any more issues.

Now we are enjoying figuring out four under six! So far, frozen meals, Netflix, and help with the housework as I recover from surgery have been lifesavers. I knew a c-section recovery would be harder, but didn't realize just how much longer and more painful it would be.

I may share more of a birth story at some point, but the short version is that at 42 weeks I finally went into labor, the midwife was almost here and the birth pool was filling when I had alarming bleeding. We transferred and found that she was a face presentation, so I was quickly prepped for a c-section, which went pretty well. Afterwards things did not go as planned- Ruby was transferred to a larger hospital for fluid in her lungs, elevated white blood cell count, elevated heart and respiratory rate. She had some breathing issues, as well as some stomach dystension, that concerned the doctors in addition to their concerns that she might have an infection. By the time I was able to join her two days after birth, she looked much better, and we were able to hold her for the first time. :)