Friday, February 22, 2008

It is dangerous...

Funny Pictures

... to laugh this hard when recovering from a cough.

Cold Season

Yesterday, we had some more icy rain. Not too much, just enough to prompt the grown up equivalent of a snow day. :-) Curling up with tea and books is an excellent way to spend a cold day, especially if you're all shtuffy and congethted and every so often think you're about to cough up a lung.

Cold Prescription
- hot tea (repeat as necessary)
- warm blankets
- chicken noodle soup (or equivalent)
- books
- sympathetic person, either well or less sick, to turn on the kettle at intervals, bring more books/tea/soup/etc, and inquire about how you're feeling.
- gatoraid, fruit juice, water
- cough drops
- vitamin C
- sleep, sleep, sleep!

So far it seems to be working. :-) I am definitely improving, I feel much better than yesterday.