Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tongue Tie Links and Miscellaneous

The best way to remember everything you wanted to include in your printed hand to look over one of the 20 that you've already picked up from FedEx. Oops! I'm going to be briefly discussing tongue tie at a support group tonight, and I have some great info to hand out, but here is what I wanted to add...  

First though, if you weren't there, check out these Fast Facts for some starter info.

I mentioned Dr. Kotlow, a leading expert in the tongue tie field, and there are several articles from him mentioned in the hand out, his website has a lot of good information as well.

Another tongue tie specialist, Dr. Bobby Ghaheri, has a lot of very helpful posts on his blog, including The Evidence Supports Treating Tongue Tie for Breastfeeding Problems, Rethinking Tongue Tie Anatomy: Anterior vs Posterior Is Irrelevant and How Tongue-Tie Affects Breastfeeding Mechanics.

You can connect with Advocates for Tongue Tie Education in a few different places: our Facebook page, our Facebook group, our Twitter account, and on Pinterest

I also have a tongue and lip tie related Pinterest board.

And this YouTube playlist:

Also, on a lighter note, Tongue and Lip Tie Memes is another place that moms are working to spread awareness.

I've been meaning to blog for months about our tongue tie experience with Ruby's posterior tongue tie and upper lip tie, and what a huge difference it made to have her ties revised, but I just haven't gotten to it yet so this will have to do for now.

But I will say it was 125% worth the eight hour round trip with a 3 month old, and the 5 minute procedure, and the aftercare.

Feel free to comment with any questions...

I'm not a professional and I'm not an expert, but doing my own mom research and managing the social media for ATTE has gotten me to the point where I'm confident that if I don't know the answer, I know people who likely do! ;)